Sunday, September 7, 2014


This weekend our studio community is joining to an open studios event, Konstrundan. During these two days many artists and artists' communities all over Finland will let people inside their studios to see the behind the scenes of art and works.

So consider this as a tiny ode to my own nook of an ateljé space.

Me and my studio roomie Matias have had our space from November 2012, for almost two years now. With a little help from our friends we renovated our space from a chicken wire storage space into a ceramics ateljé. Already the next summer 2013 we worked at our studio full speed creating artworks for the big Arabia show. Our new studio space did became well needed.

Although we both are still beginners in our studio practice, it's needless to say that an own studio space is a wonderful thing. Little by little it has become a comfy nook to be inspired, create art and to work. Nothing compares to the calm relaxing feel when one doesn't need to write down 'do not touch or move and in case of panic call me' -notes. If I'm leaving the studio in hurry I can leave my wheel unwashed if I need to, though usually I don't want to, and return the next day to continue exactly from where I left it.

As a studio community, we try to hold an annual open studios event in one form or another, since it's such a rare opportunity to visit artists' work spaces. This year we took part to Konstrundan and last fall we were part of Helsinki Design Week's open studios event.

Our ateljés are open on Saturday and Sunday 6.9.-7.9.2014 from 12pm-18pm. We welcome you warmly to take a peek at our studio hallway, the behind the scenes and our well cleaned working spaces!