Monday, September 8, 2014


Louvre Deux, January 2009, an analogical Polaroid taken by Veera Tamminen

As I promised in one of my previous posts, today I'll let you know a little bit more about my impossible analogical polaroids and also something about my favourite city during my favourite time of the year!
For these next two fall months I'll be working, living, and making art in a residency at Paris Cité Internationale Des Arts. During my residency I'll complete a new project, PO&PO, in which I'll combine polaroids with porcelain. The project is based on analogical polaroids that I've been shooting from year 2008 in places like New York, Ohio, Paris, Helsinki, Loviisa, Stockholm and Berlin. Years 2008-2012 I used Polaroid's own film (while it still was possible) and from year 2013 on I've moved on to The ImpossibleProject's films. 

What I love most about Polaroids is of course their instant nature but also their ability to capture the color of the light. For me, as a technique, it is as unpredictable as ceramics, and as a ceramicist that fascinates me. In my project I'll combine the photographs with a series of porcelain miniature sculptures. The miniature sculptures will be inspired by the polaroids and they'll take the situation to the third dimensional level. The sculptures could change the situation as completely false, twisted or glorified by the truth and memories.

During my stay in Paris I'm going to shoot a couple of new polaroids but mostly I'll focus on the miniature sculptures. Also I'm hoping to start the research process for my upcoming thesis, too. I'm looking forward to these inspirational, productive, wonderful two residency months!