Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Things from the studio: Part 3, The Traveling Toolbox

My black cardboard box (14cm x 4,5cm x 23cm) keeps together all the necessary tools when I need to move my studio elsewhere. This box was with me when I moved to Ohio for a year, and now again when my studio is temporarily at the Cité des Arts in Paris. When traveling, my go-to tools are my knife, my two Mudtools ribs, two metal ribs, one wooden, a set of wooden modeling tools from the day I started studying ceramics, a pin tool, a yellow sponge, and two very special brushes. It still surprises me that all the essentials will fit in this small, book sized box. As I'm currently making miniature sculptures, the tools I need can be petites as well. While ago, I found a set of mini loop tools from a hobby supply store in Helsinki, and they do work perfectly with the mini dabs of porcelain clay.

I've had some set backs when it comes to finding clay here. But the artists I've met here have been super kind and they have used their contacts for searching a way to get clay for me, since the nearest department stores and artist supply stores stock only modeling quality clay, not ceramicist quality clay. I'm still in search of finding the right Parisian porcelain clay but so far I've got following links and sources: Ceradel and Solargil.

This calls for a day trip adventure, serious supply shopping and also inevitable money loss in near future!