Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Vernissage au Versailles

I'm finally back in Helsinki, sorting through new polaroids and sketches, and finding used metro tickets everywhere.

Before I left Paris and my ateljé at Cité I was lucky enough to visit Versailles once more and this time the garden was the main focus. The groves that are usually behind closed gates were exhibited accompanied by rococo music, in Les Jardins Musicaux event. I took my travelling tool box with me and while piqueniqueing at the Obelisk Grove, Bosquet de L'Obelisque, I sculpted a tiny rococo bust. It really made my shivering cold day when right after the short opening ceremony, thank you friends and spirits attended, two madames discovered my piece. They seemed to loved it and they even stopped to take photos! 

So this was my first attempt to make guerrilla art. No statues or stands were harmed when making this artwork. The miniature sculpture was made out of love for Versailles.

Château de Versailles and the garden has room for bigger artworks as well. Currently they are exhibiting works by a Korean artist Lee Ufan. During my first visit in Versailles in 2009 I got to see gigantic sculptures by Jeff Koons. Also Takashi Murakami and Joana Vasconcelos have both exhibited their works at the Château.