Monday, December 15, 2014

Artist lecture at Design Museum Helsinki

The last month of Keramiikka tilassa - keramiikan tila exhibition is on. I'm happy and excited to have the honour to end the series of artist lectures together with the other youngsters in the exhibition, Matias Liimatainen and Laura Pehkonen.

Tomorrow 16.12.2014 we will talk about decoration and it's future in ceramic art, despite the complex terminology, or rather lack of it, both in Finnish and in English vocabulary. A certain attitude towards decoration of the minimalistic design world is somehow still getting mixed in the discussion about Finnish ceramic art.

The artist lecture last week was an interesting event as well. Aalto University's Doctoral Candidates and ceramic artists Priska Falin and Camilla Groth were talking about research from the material point of view but also as a part of ceramic artists' studio practice. The discussion shed light on the academic work that is currently done in our University about ceramics and in the PhD level.

We'll try our best to make the lecture worth your visit tomorrow. I will share the background story of Oona Lisbet and Isabella Flipside, and on my behalf I will talk more about ceramic surface techniques in my art making and a little bit in my near future Master's Thesis.  

Warmly welcome to the last artist talk of Ceramics & Space exhibition at Designmuseo, Tuesday December 16th at 6pm, Korkeavuorenkatu 23!