Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Nice Cup of Tease

Year 2014 went out with a spectacle, a little shimmying and a lot of glitter!

Just a week before the holidays the burlesque duo A Nice Cup of Tease premiered their rococo inspired number at Rekola Kino. For their attire I designed and made four porcelain cup shapes. I finished my part of the project just before the exhibition adventure trip in June. The rest of the show has been secretly in the making for a long while, too.

The cups are mishima decorated with tea roses, ten sparrows and an equal amount of white bunnies. But let's not forget the gilding! 

These burlesque performers have real gold on their sous-vêtements!
The two burlesque starlets, Lauren Fuckall and Scarlet Wilde do not only plan and make their choreographies but they also sew their amazing costumes themselves, while having high tea, of course. The cups were made in exchange for two burlesque quality knitted grey knee socks - the very best form of trade!

A Nice Cup of Tease's stage show is quirky and fierce, spiced up with dazzling humour and synchronized quivers, grinds and bumps! These vaudeville belles will have a bright burlesque future and I truly hope that they'll get a chance to perform at the Helsinki Burlesque Festival, probably not the next one in February, but the one in the future. 

After that hopefully the conquest of Las Vegas and then the rest of the world domination.

Lauren Fuckall's secret is practice! Photos by Heini Mäntylä.