Monday, April 22, 2024

Graduating as a conservator from Metropolia, Helsinki


Yesterday I left my thesis to be evaluated, so I'll be graduating next month as a conservator (of ceramics). My thesis is a study, if resin plaster can be used and dyed for the needs of conservation of ceramics. It is a case study to conserve this though-dyed ceramic, Wedgwood's tobacco jar. Upper photos are before treatments and the last photo is a detailed photo of conservation trial. I don't think that using resin plaster was too successful in this case, and since the resin plaster is needed to cast once right, it needs understanding and practical skills. It's not a minimal intervention type of a ceramics conservation process, but the object is mine!

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Ketchup, chocolate sauce, pee soup

I created a new video, it can be found on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Dresden Porcelain Project

The Dresden's Porcelain Collection by Augustus the Strong has been cataloged and it will be launched on this date!

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Fermée est ouvert!


Fermée does not have a web store or retailer yet, but if interested in buying one or Fermée creations, contact the maker: veera.s.tamminen (at)!

Fermée is Nordic design from Finland. It has basics in the minimalistic, organic shapes that are cast in black clay and glazed in lushious white opaque glaze. All products are hand made and are unique.

Fermée is a manufactory single handed by a ceramicist, an artist and a designer Veera Tamminen. She creates her designs by hand in small batches in her studio in Finland.

The logo is inspired by pirate ships, since royal companies and their ships used to ship only finest porcelain. What would've pirate ships ship to the ports? 

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Gallery Fogga's Christmas December 9th to 22nd 2023


Warmly welcome to the opening of our Christmas exhibition "Foggan Joulu" at Gallery Fogga in Helsinki December 9th 2023 at 6pm to 8pm! 

Foggan Joulu group exhibition December 9th to 22nd 2023 together with: 

Asta Caplan, Susanna Eskola, Anna Mikaela Jaanti, Ulla Kihlman, Kristiina Nikkola,
Aulikki Nukala, Eeva Saunio, Marjo-Riikka Stenius, Veera Tamminen.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Link II Opening October 26th 2023 in Stockholm


Link exhibition by Artists O and Fiber Art Sweden will have an opening on Thursday October 26th 2023 at 3pm at HV Galleri in Stockholm. Warmly welcome! More info in Finnish:

Friday, July 14, 2023

Blue Fruit Exotique 2023


Another artwork for our Stockholm exhibition next October is called Blue Fruit Exotique and here's what I have said about it: 

Blue Fruit Exotique 2023

porcelain, photographs

“Once, I had a dream of the blue fruits, and that I bought them from a market. It was definitely a dream that I wanted to remember, even if someone would have made me dream that dream.” The performative photographs were shot in Marais, Paris.

BUNNY 2023

I am now at Cité as one of the resident artists in Paris and I'm working full speed for our exhibition that will be had in Stockholm this October. Finnish Artists O and Fiber Art Sweden had joined their forces again and we are having our second group exhibition together at HV Galleri

The artwork BUNNY (2023) is about following: 

pâte modeler autodurcissante, photographs

Ten years ago during Cité residency period Tamminen had a nightmare about herself holding a bunny with shedding bambi fur. The nightmare was dreamt only a couple days before Tamminen’s first signs of schizophrenia. Ten years later she’s back at Cité creating a series of performative artworks where the bunny follows her from waking up after the nightmare. The photographs are full of intertextual references in Tamminen’s own previous artworks as well as popular culture such as films (Jim Jarmusch’s Coffee and Cigarettes) and comics (where Mickey Mouse can’t get rid of the marble elephant). The bunny symbolizes the main voice, George, and how the voice follows her everywhere.

Friday, July 7, 2023


Charlottenburg castle, Berlin

A S-bahn ride away from the city center there is a baroque castle which exhibits a Chinoiserie room with a maladie du porcelaine collection of Chinese import ceramics of the Queen of Prussia. 

The castle is a sight to see but for me the porcelain collection was worth a trip. The castle is quided by and audioquide in English, room by room.

In the more modestly decorated upper floor there's both Meissen collection of porcelain and a silver collection. The crown jewelry was taken to somewhere else the moment I visited - probably to be conserved or to be exhibited somewhere else.

Friday, June 9, 2023


In a picturesque town by a local train from Dresden there's the mecca of German porcelain.

The museum and factory complex offers a good insight to the foundation of German porcelain. Indeed the Augustus the Strong commissioned the Alchemist Böttger to find white gold. He did, but first attempt was a chocolate brown basalt which is used in the factory even these days.

The museum is the cousin for Sèvres because of the squickly floors, but represents only Meissen miracles - as Sèvres museum has ceramics from all around the world.

Don't get this wrong since the museum was quite vast. The delicate porcelain flower vases, the clockworks and the serving ware are all displayed.

The contemporary exhibition section had Chris Antermann's residency creations that were the usual and amazing works of her's.

The next early morning I took the factory tour that was entirely in German. If you know anything about the porcelain manufacturing you'd be fine. A little interlingua of Anglo-Saxon languages works too. I don't speak any German but I can order my espresso with sugar, bitte.

The tour started with pools where the locally mined kaolin is made into clay. This was my first touch with Meissen porcelain since I got to stirr the pool. The quide was kind enough to ask me in English.

The factory tour continued to the casting department where I got to touch the discarded version of cast sphere forms. The factory workers were very young females and the male workers cast with the bigger forms - the heavier molds.

The factory tour was very thorough since we got to see the modelling department and the form archive. The tour was indeed in German but as I heard they have a sertain amount of minutes for each sculpture - that collectors buy.

The tour continued to the chinapaint department and lastly to the more factory type part of the complex where they still glazed everything by hand. They made sure that we understood that every part of the making process involves hand made. And that's where the price of the ware comes from.

The museum and factory complex has a outlet where they sell first quality with reduced prices. I bought an delicate shaped coffee cup with a saucer because I definitely wanted something with a blue double swords mark.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Zwinger Porzellansammlung in Dresden

I took a train from Berlin Haubtbahnhof to Dresden and the next day I visited the castle or the Zwinger in the Old Town. The time of Augustus the Strong (1709) the palace was build with an inner court yard orangerie. They had a severe case of porcelain maladie and collected a massive amounts of Chinese and Japanese porcelain from Cobalt blue to Imari and the museum showcases also a 900th century celadon piece. Also corridors are dedicated for local Meissen porcelain - with porcelain miracles. 

As wikipedia tells us the exhibition showcases only a fracture of the collection of Augustus the Strong, about 2000 of 20 000 porcelain artefacts.